In January 2020, the Conseil National des Chômeurs et Chômeuses (CNC) launched the first phase of its campaign: It’s time for Employment Insurance to Change

An advocacy campaign that will start on social media, It’s time for Employment Insurance to Change aims to raise awareness among decision-makers and the population and increase support for our proposals to change the EI program for the better.

Founded in 2005, the CNC regroups numerous local and regional organizations in Québec and New Brunswick to defend the rights of unemployed workers.

In addition, on February 26th, the CNC started a new phase of its campaign by publishing a series of advertisements in Le Devoir and the Globe and Mail. Later that day, along with MPs Alexandre Boulerice, deputy leader of the NDP, and Louise Chabot, spokesperson for the Bloc Québécois (BQ) on employment, CNC representatives, Pierre Céré, spokesperson, and Fernand Thibodeau, from Seasonal Workers Help and Support (SWHS), advocated during a press conference in Ottawa for improvements that will support workers.

Pierre Céré, spokesperson for the CNC: « Workers are still living under the consequences of reforms and counter-reforms imposed on employment insurance during the 1990s ». Calling on the Prime Minister, he asked the following question: « Mr. Trudeau, will you have the courage to act? To act now? »