As the federal government’s Cabinet meets today in Hamilton before the start of the next session of Parliament, the National Council of Unemployed Workers (NCUW) would like to remind the government that it is essential to act and reform Employment Insurance (EI).  

“In addition to the numerous dysfunctions, delays and complications of EI, this reform of the program is sorely needed, to the point where we are starting to lose confidence. This looks like the last chance,” said Pierre Céré, spokesperson for the NCUW. “First, we were told that the implementation of the EI reform plan would take place in the summer of 2022. Then we were told about the fall, only to have the announcement delayed until December and then February. This has gone on long enough: civil society, academic experts, voters, literally everyone is calling for EI reform.”

“Even the International Monetary Fund has called on Canada to conduct a more thorough review of its EI program to address the flaws demonstrated during the pandemic. And, let’s face it, the IMF is not a left-wing party,” continued Pierre Céré.

The Prime Minister’s Office release on the cabinet retreat states that it “The retreat will focus on the Government of Canada’s ongoing efforts to make life more affordable and build an economy that works for all Canadians.”

“The first step to do this is to move forward on EI reform. If the government still believes in it. If they don’t, just say it,” concluded the spokesperson.

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